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M3849 - World's Greatest Piano Rags
by DONALDSON, Will (Composer), GERSHWIN, George (1898-1937) (Composer), CONFREY, Edward Elzear "Zez" (1895-1971) (Composer), JOPLIN, Scott (1868-1917) (Composer), LAMB, Joseph Francis (1887-1960) (Composer), DOWLING, Richard William (arranger and editor), CONFARE, Thomas R. (Transcriber), DONALDSON, Will (Transcriber)
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About World's Greatest Piano Rags
World's Greatest Piano Rags
  • Northrup: The Cannon Ball
  • Mathews: Pastime Rag No. 3
  • Lamb: American Beauty
  • Hilarity Rag
  • Scott: Ragtime Oriole
  • Lamb: Ragtime Nightingale
  • Roberts: The Entertainer's Rag
  • Joplin: Bethena
  • Mathews: Pastime Rag No. 4
  • Joplin: Solace
  • Mathews: Pastime Rag No. 2
  • Hampton: Cataract Rag
  • Joplin: Maple Leaf Rag
  • Confrey: Coaxing the Piano
  • Gershwin-Donald: Rialto Ripples Rag
  • Confrey: Dizzy Fingers
  • Confrey: Kitten on the Keys
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Orig. Imprint
Masters Music Publications
Piano(s) - Unaccompanied, Piano, Keyboards
Jazz/Ragtime, American
Copyright Year
Instrumentation – Piano
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