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10100011 - Robin Hood
by LAKE, Mayhew Lester (1879-1955) (Composer), BROCKTON, Lester (Pseudonym)
Picture of Robin Hood
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About Robin Hood
The scene is the camp of Robin Hood and his band, in Sherwood Forest-a morning scene of peace and quiet, depicted by Andante Sostenuto (a la organ) and the singing of birds.

Suddenly, from the distance, come the faint tones of a horn (the battle call of Robin Hood's band) announcing the approach of a messenger (the tranquil music gradually increases in volume).

The horn call is repeated, gradually drawing closer and closer and becoming more ominous, until the messenger arrives in camp with the announcement that Sir Gisbourne has abducted Maid Marian and agitated music (vieing with the battle calls) depicts the hurried preparations for pursuit, battle and the rescue of Maid Marian.

To the accompaniment of hoof-beats the band rides away --- always in the background is heard the Theme of Robin Hood, the battle call of Robin Hood's band and now, the answering battle call of Sir Guy and his retainers.

The pursuit ends when Sir Guy makes hi stand, boldly proclaiming his challenging battle call (all Brasses ff).

This is immediately followed by the answering call of Robin Hood and the Battle Scene, predominated by the wild battle calls of Robin Hood, the answering calls of Sir Guy; until Sir Guy fails to answer (two silent measures) followed by a faint, plaintive wail in the distance--the retreating call of Sir Guy--again followed by the fortissimo and triumphant call of Robin Hood's band---the battle is won, Sir Guy has fled and Maid Marian is saved.

Robin Hood and Maid Marian join in a duet (Romanza) followed by the joyous March of Victory, as the triumphant cavalcade returns with Maid Marian to the castle of her father.
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Orig. Imprint
Ludwig Music Publishing Company
Beginning Band (Gr. 1), Band
Original Works, American
Ludwig Symphonic Band Series
Copyright Year
Instrumentation – Band
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