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20456169 - Three Miniatures
by HALL, Percy (b. 1928) (Composer)
Picture of Three Miniatures
About Three Miniatures
These three short pieces give opportunity for the young saxophonist to play music of varied tempi, key and style. The Air is lyrical, offering a chance to focus on tone and phrasing. The Minuet is to be played in the traditional 17th century style of light staccato, and the last movement, Jig, is the most technically challenging of the three, but most of the technique is confined to the first part. This is frequently performed in Ohio contests. It is scored for 4 alto saxes making it a possibility for younger ensembles where the larger saxophones are not yet available, but it has other options of instrumentation. Tenor sax parts are provided for the 3rd and 4th alto parts, and baritone sax is another option for the 4th part. Three Miniatures is also available as a flute quartet, clarinet quartet, and mixed clarinet quartet, and under a different title, Air, Minuet and Jig, it is scored for clarinet choir. OMEA Class: C
Quick Facts
Orig. Imprint
Great Works Publishing
Living Composer
Original Works, Dances, American
Duration - 3:00
Instrumentation – 4 Sax
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