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20522174 - Clouds
by HALL, Percy (b. 1928) (Composer)
Picture of Clouds
About Clouds
Music can paint pictures or images of the beauty of nature, and clouds are certainly one of natures beauties. Stratus and Cirrus clouds are included in this trio with the music in contrast similar to those two types of clouds. This trio is quite limited in range in deference to the less experienced horn players allowing them to concentrate on balance, blend, musical style and phrasing without being challenged by range and technique. Both movements are to be played in the legato style with the exception of two measures in staccato-marcato style. Horn players will feel very good about themselves after a successful performance of this trio. The top range for first horn is only 4th line D, and the 3rd horn lowest pitch is A below middle C. In Ohio this trio is listed on the Horn Choir list as well as the trio list. This provides an outstanding first ensemble experience for young horn players. OMEA Class: C
Quick Facts
Orig. Imprint
Great Works Publishing
Living Composer
Horn(s) - Unaccompanie
Original Works, American
Instrumentation – 3 Hn
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