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20402101 - Stephen Foster Suite (arr. Hall)
by FOSTER, Stephen Collins (1826-1864) (Composer), HALL, Percy (b. 1928) (Arranger)
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(arr. Hall)
About Stephen Foster Suite (arr. Hall)
If you are looking for a trio with prominent oboe parts, this is it! Read on! So much music for this standard trio is Baroque or Classical Viennese. This is a wonderful alternative. Stephen Collins Foster (1826-1864) composed over 175 songs which have become America’s folk songs because they express in melody and lyrics the mid-19th century life in our country. His music transcends the limits of nationalism, race and time. Four of his most popular songs are included in this arrangement - "I Dream of Jeannie" (which did not meet with immediate success when it was written, but 70 odd years later it became number one on the hit parade!) "Some Folks", "Old Folks At Home", and "Oh Susanna!" (which became an immediate hit in vaudeville and was picked up by the forty-niners and sung all the way to California during the gold rush. Enough about the history). The oboe has the biggest share of the melody in Jeannie and Old Folks at Home, and must be able to play with a beautiful tone and expressive phrasing. “Some Folks” and “Oh Susanna” are quite different in tempo and style. They are both quite lively and quaint. For OMEA contests participants are asked to select any three of the four movements.
Quick Facts
Orig. Imprint
Great Works Publishing
Woodwind Trio
Transcriptions, Suites, Songs, American
Duration - 3:00
Instrumentation – WW Trio
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