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20503214 - Joyful Variations
by HALL, Percy (b. 1928) (Composer)
Picture of Joyful Variations
About Joyful Variations
Joyful Variations is based on the familiar theme from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony which he composed when he was deaf. This arrangement begins with the tune presented as a hymn, and from there on Beethoven would not even recognize it even if he could hear! There are four variations in which the melodic line is the only constant and it is often quite distorted rhythmically. Variations 1 and 3 are in fast triple meter in the style of a jig and a tarantella. Variation 2 is in the tempo of a valse but treated as a canon. Variation 4 is marked marcato militant which ends the piece in the joyful style that Beethoven intended. The piece is quite challenging rhythmically and musically, but range is not a problem for any of the parts. This is an outstanding ensemble for use in concert, contest or church programs.
Quick Facts
Orig. Imprint
Great Works Publishing
Living Composer
Brass Quartet
Original Works, Variations, American
Instrumentation – Brass 4tet
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