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20610601 - Solo Drummin'
by HALL, Percy (b. 1928) (Composer)
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About Solo Drummin'
All of the solos in this collection are constructed musically. They have principal themes, contrasting themes, development, and recapitulation followed by a coda which drives to an exciting finish. Each solo is also focused on developing a different technique. Rolling the Odds includes the four basic odd stroke rolls (5, 9, 13 and 17) that are used in concert band and orchestra music as well as in rudimental cadences. All of the rolls should be played in the open double stroke style, rather than pressed. A snare drummer who can competently play this solo would have the skill to play any level of high school band literature. Doodly Whomp stresses the development of fast single strokes thru the playing of triplets. If you speak the title “Doodly Whomp” you have a triplet plus a tap, which when played fast enough is the precursor of a 4 stroke ruff. The player must also understand the difference between the traditional interpretation and playing of the 5 and 7 stroke rolls, and between the 13 and 15 stroke rolls. Stickings are well marked to help learning the piece quickly. Unusual sounds made by stick beats and sticks on the rim and shell expand the tone color of the music and provide added interest to the performer and listener. In Cabin Fever, Rolls of 5, 9 and 13 strokes are included in various rhythms, and also dotted eighth and sixteenth rhythms. Subtle dynamic changes and a variety of accents will keep the performer thinking. More unusual tone colors are included including playing on the shelf of the music stand. Accents must be carefully followed in the fourth piece: Solo-Roll-Acue. The unique accent in a flamacue is predominant in the solo, but without the flam, which explains the “Acue” part of the title. This solo is more challenging technically, and uses a greater variety of color with rim shots, and playing on different areas of the drum head with sudden dynamic changes. Travesty in Triplets is the fifth and last solo in the collection. Developing a fast and even single stroke stick technique at a variety of dynamic levels is a must to meet the challenge of this solo, and it is often a forgotten skill to develop. Relaxed tension in the wrists and a very light touch is necessary. This is a demanding solo technically and musically when taken up to tempo. Lots of fun to play and to listen to. When you can play all five of these solos your band and orchestra director will be very, very happy to have you as a member of his ensemble.
Quick Facts
Orig. Imprint
Great Works Publishing
Living Composer
Percussion - Unaccompanie
Original Works, American
Instrumentation – SD unacc.
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