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50353009 - Easy Original Trombone Duets and Trios
by KERKORIAN, Gregory M. (b. 1942) (Composer)
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About Easy Original Trombone Duets and Trios
The duets and trios in this edition can be used to enhance any regular course of class or private study and are ideal for student performance. Several of the titles coordinate with other books in the Easy Original Duets and Trios series and may be played in mixed combinations of instruments. The trio Kum Ba Ya is the only arrangement, and was included because it seemed to fit the purposes of the collection. There is even a very nice easier selection that can be performed with snare drum. Teachers looking for new and interesting material will be pleased to find several enjoyable selections in a variety of styles, suitable for players whose performance abilities range from beginner to intermediate levels.

We enthusiastically recommend the easier duets and trios as first concert material. The note ranges in these selections are very limited and the writing style encourages independent thought. Selections such as Conversation can be successfully performed after only two or three months of study and can be valuable vehicles for learning to play with poise and confidence on stage.

We hope you find these duets and trios to be useful, enjoyable and rewarding.
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Modern, Living Composer
Trumpet(s) - Unaccompanied, Trombone(s) - Unaccompanied, Trombone, Brass, Instrumental
Instructional, Youth/Community Oriented
Easy Original Duets and Trios
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